The VBA0742-70 700MHz-4200MHz 70W amplifier

The VBA0742-70 is a 700 – 4200MHz 70W high power amplifier designed for applications where a rugged Class A mismatch tolerant amplifier is required.

The amplifier is based on high performance extra wideband GaN output stages and utilizes Vectawave proprietary Quadrature Hybrid combining techniques minimizing loss for a more efficient solution.

The amplifier can be controlled from either the front panel or remote control via the Ethernet, USB and GPIB interfaces. The digital interface system manages enabling and disabling the amplifier, monitoring power levels, monitoring power supply health, communicating with the control computer and implementing electrical interlocks. The keypad and display interface is used for monitoring amplifier state, power levels, interlock states etc. and for configuration options.

Forward and reflected power sample ports are accessible via the rear panel.

  • GaN technology
  • Class A for maximum mismatch drive
  • Featuring high efficiency proprietary Quadrature Hybrid designs
  •  Dual coupled sample ports