80MHz – 1000MHz 250W Amplifier

The VBA1000-250S is an 80-1000MHz high power amplifier, designed primarily for EMC applications. The amplifier produces around 300W P1dB at the important VHF frequencies, and is housed in a compact 4U case. VBA1000-250S is intended for applications where an 18V/m field is required and incorporates measures to improve power delivery into high VSWR loads. The amplifier can be controlled from either the front panel or remote control via the Ethernet, USB and GPIB interfaces. The digital interface system manages enabling and disabling the amplifier, monitoring power levels, monitoring power supply health, communicating with the control computer and implementing electrical interlocks. The keypad and display interface is used for monitoring amplifier state, power levels, interlock states etc. and for configuration options.

  • Rugged push-pull Silicon LDMOS technology
  • Class A for maximum mismatch drive
  • General linear power requirements