Narrow band automotive

Narrow band automotive

Class AB amplifiers, based on silicon LDMOS technology. Designed to deliver 600V/m radiated field when used in conjunction with a suitable antenna and chamber, the amplifier is designed primarily to address automotive radar pulse EMC test standards, but also suitable for high duty cycle radar applications such as radar imaging.

Forward and reflected power ratios are indicated via the multifunction front panel display. 

The characteristics in the range are as follows:

  • Silicon LDMOS balanced stages
  • High efficiency Class AB design
  • Ideal for automotive testing and high duty S band radar applications

Amplifier options as follows:


VBA1200/1400- 1000 VBA2700/3100- 500
1000 W 1200MHz-1400MHz 500 W 2700MHz-3100MHz
VBA 2700/3100-500