10MHz – 2500MHz 3W Amplifier

Model VBM2500-3 is a solid-state amplifier capable of generating 3W minimum power over the 10-2500MHz frequency range. The amplifier is designed to operate from a 12V DC supply, and so is applicable for either equipment bus or battery operation. Cooling is by means of a removable heatsink, sufficient for convection cooling in most environments. Only minimal supplementary forced air cooling is required for operation at the maximum operating temperature. Protection against excess temperature is by means of an internal sensor.

The amplifier is designed for rugged operation into any passive load at maximum power, and is unconditionally stable. For use in low level signal applications, the amplifier features low noise figure. The use of an HBT input stage gives a 1/f corner frequency below the low frequency limit of the amplifier, and so the amplifier will not exhibit the poor low frequency noise performance of FET amplifiers.

Intended applications for the amplifier are: high output buffer for RF sweepers; EMC systems; ECM requirements; high speed, long distance digital/analogue links and general laboratory use.

  • Low noise figure
  • High spectral purity
  • Flexible operating conditions